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Medical Cannabis - Mississauga Halton

Medical cannabis (marijuana) can be used to provide relief from symptoms associated with a variety of disorders that have not responded to conventional medicine, or when the effects of conventional medicine are not well tolerated by the patient.

Under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), medical cannabis clinics in Ontario can provide consultation and assessment for suitability of medical cannabis treatment, and authorization (registration) with a licensed producer of medical marijuana. Producers of medical marijuana in Canada are licensed and authorized by the federal government.

These services serve all or part of Mississauga Halton
Canadian Cannabis Clinics - Mississauga  
77 Queensway W, Suite 311, Mississauga, ON  L5B 1B7
CannaWay Clinic - Oakville - Therapeutic Cannabis Treatment Plans  
1235 Trafalgar Rd, Suite 314, Oakville, ON  L6H 3P1

These services are located outside of Mississauga Halton, but provide service to Mississauga Halton.
Canada. Health Canada - Cannabis for medical purposes  
Address Locator 0302B, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0K9
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