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Arthritis - Mississauga Halton

Arthritis consists of more than 100 different conditions. These can be anything from relatively mild forms of tendinitis and bursitis to crippling forms such as rheumatoid arthritis.

See also Lupus for service listings.

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These services serve all or part of Mississauga Halton
Arthritis Society - Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara Region - Oakville Program   Oakville

These services are located outside of Mississauga Halton, but provide service to Mississauga Halton.
Arthritis Society (The) - Ontario Division   Toronto
Arthritis Society - Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara Region - Delhi Program   Delhi
Arthritis Society - Halton East and Peel Region-Brampton   Mississauga
Canadian Spondylitis Association - Ontario Chapter  
GLA:D Canada - Education and Exercise for Osteoarthritis   Toronto
William Osler Health System - Etobicoke General Hospital - Musculoskeletal Health Orthopaedic Surgical Screening Centre   Etobicoke
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